Branding Lead
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Branding Lead
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Full Time
Road Warrior

Reporting to the Festival Manager, this person is responsible for the organization and distribution of all festival related branding (blades, barrier jackets, banners). Working side-by-side with the Festival Lead and Collateral Lead, the Branding Lead plays a vital role in maintaining a high brand standard.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Unload and organize the contents of the Festival Trailer within base camp (specifically branding)

  • Count and verify inventory of all branding (blades, banners, barrier jackets, coroplast)

  • Coordinate with Festival Manager and Festival Lead the layout of the festival to ensure the placement of branding

  • Prepare any on course branding prior to the deployment of any obstacle required to be branded (Spartan or sponsorship)

  • Supervise and lead the assembly of all Spartan owned tents (20x20’s, 10x20’s, 10x10’s)

  • Maintain high tempo of productivity and efficiency among staff with forward insight into tasks vital to the completion of festival

  • Manage volunteers and support staff in an efficient and deliberate manner through delegation of tasks

  • Create zone specific fence lines 

  • Deploy zone specific branding (banners, barrier jackets, blades) 

  • Be available to run supplies, volunteers to areas of need in festival, both build week and race days

  • Be able to maneuver through festival on race day with an understanding of what needs to be done at varying times (volunteer switchover, staff breaks, damaged branding, sponsorships needs, directing volunteers to areas of need)

  • Responsible for managing and recording the Festival Challenges and training the volunteers who will help monitor each individual challenge

  • Gather, clean, organize and inventory all branding at the conclusion of the race, then return to designated storage locations

  • Lead volunteers and support staff in the disassembling and storage of all Spartan owned tents

  • Operate and load all festival materials back into the festival trailer after being provided a load plan by the Festival Manager


The qualified person in this position will

  • Have experience as a manager in a high pace environment 

  • Have experience operating machinery, or be willing to learn

  • Be comfortable traveling 100 days or more during the year 

  • Be prepared and comfortable with working outside in all severe weather situations

  • Be physically capable of working long hours 10+ days consecutively

  • Be willing to learn the processes set in place, while maintaining an analytical and problem solving mindset to improve these procedures

  • Must be able to manage high volumes of people with an efficient approach to accomplishing mission critical tasks

  • Be capable of navigating and utilizing email, Microsoft Office programs, Google Drive and Egnyte


Qualities required of all Spartan team members:

Spartan Race is a high-performance organization, and successful team members must therefore possess a strong work ethic and hands-on approach to business. We are innovative, create inventive solutions, and are exceptionally service minded. Team members at Spartan change lives, and have a passion for the organization. Paramount to our organization is the maturity to embrace ambiguity and ability to adapt according to the market and the continuing innovation of the organization. 


  • Ability to hold one-self accountable and an aptitude for prioritizing multiple projects

  • Strong sense of teamwork with the ability to foster relationships 

  • Proactive, solutions-oriented; capability to identify efficiencies and decrease costs while maintaining a quality workplace environment and product

  • Collegial approach to a business environment and cooperative work style

  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills

Spartan Race
Spartan Race is an operator of an obstacle race and endurance brand intended to offer sports challenges and courses.
Size:  501-1000 employees
Year Founded:  2007
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Raptor Consumer Partners
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