Social Media Production Assistant
Inglewood, CA
Entry Level +2 · Full time
Posted 2 years ago


A Social Media Production Assistant supports and facilitates all aspects of social media integration into broadcast/digital/multimedia production, interactive television experiences, cloud-based graphics, and talent social initiatives.  The position is aligned with Network, Digital, and tentpole production/events with daily assignments and deadlines within and surrounding the department.  A Social Media Production Assistant works closely within the Social Integration team as well as collaborating with external groups on projects.

The role involves curating social content, pitching daily story/segment ideas, measuring social analytics to enhance and provide context to trending stories, working alongside News Desk and Legal to clear content for usage, programming various social feeds, and supporting NFL Media Group talent with social platforms with content and strategy.

Essential Functions

  • Work closely with internal production teams and producers on a daily basis (in-person, in-studio, or remotely)
  • Curate social content and prepare them for air/broadcast/reposting
  • Pitch content, story, and segment ideas
  • Measure social analytics and data to enhance and provide content to trending stories
  • Work closely with News Desk and Social team to clear content for usage (Broadcast/Digital)
  • Program various social feeds/handles
  • Develop touchscreen and interactive television experiences for production
  • Create custom graphics for talent and show handles
  • Cloud-based graphics production
  • Takes direction and adhere to established production schedules to meet tight deadlines
  • Assist all aspects of Social Integration initiatives


Required Education and Experience

  • Prior education or experience in broadcast or live stream production/control room experience preferred
  • Working knowledge of all social media platforms and emerging technology
  • Strong NFL/football knowledge
  • Ability to work cohesively with a team and able to collaborate with various groups and personalities
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work under strict deadlines and pressure situation
  • Excellent written and verbal skills

Preferred Education and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Skilled and experienced in Adobe Creative Suite
  • Working experience with Tagboard and video production/editing

Other Key Attributes / Characteristics

  • Team-oriented work ethic with the ability to collaborate and adapt to deadlines and circumstances
NFL is a professional sports league in the U.S. that acts as a trade association for franchise owners to promote the sport and much more.
Size:  501-1000 employees
Year Founded:  1920
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